David Wilks, MLA, Governments Servant, NOT Peoples Servant

So, if you are a small independent resource worker or contractor in the Kootenays, who should you VOTE FOR?

The Kootenays depend highly on its resources for jobs. It supports a huge mining industry in the Elkford area. Forestry is active throughout. Everyone in the Kootenays is directly supported by the health of its resources. David Wilks has shown his lack of interest in small contractors with his lack of interest in my situation with the NCC. He is not following in the footsteps of Jim Abbott who at least tried, though was unable to influence the Nature Conservancy's focus of operations after it had been granted $125,000,000.00 or my/our tax dollars. If a person can not get the attention of his local MLA it is impossible that he can get the attention of the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, without going to some extreme measures and probably winding up in jail.

We have a federal election in 2015 in Canada, think carefully who you vote for. Myself, I have become disillusioned with federal politics, and you can get a sense of who I will not likely support in 2015!


The way it should have been! And the way they implied it would be...

  • Darkwoods would continue to manage forest operations for the NCC for 5 years.
  • There would be little change for that time.
  • There MAY be a little less work.

This would have given contractors time to adjust to no work. Time to pay off mortgages and trade in equipment for future work. This was not to be! despite promises, there was to be prompt elimination of contractors!


In the spring of 2012, David Wilks had been elected to replace Jim Abbott, we felt it was a good time to visit our new representative. David Wilks said he would look into our situation. We have been contacted by David Wilks' office and a letter on behalf of the Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of Environment was brought to our attention. We have seen this letter before, and it does not give us any direction as to who was responsible for the Federal Governments actions.

David Wilks MP, seems either unable of unwilling to examine this situation any further and seems to feel I should be satisfied with his efforts. This can only lead us to believe that the government had no requirements that the NCC should attempt to fulfill as a condition of the monies given them by the Federal Government. Most would have expected that there would have been requirements to fulfill regarding a responsibility to the community and dependent jobs. Such stipulations were indicated in the soothing comments made by Jim Abbott, MP and NCC representatives. It appears there were no such requirements, what does this say for the talks given by these people prior to the take over? Lies?

David Wilks final comments indicated that he wouldn't believe that anyone from the government would have ensured that there would have been any employment stability after the government financed purchase of Darkwoods. Unbelievable! I expect the truth is probably more like I was not important enough to warrant a phone call to Jim Abbott to understand what had come down. So, If you are considering voting for him, maybe you should find out if you are important enough

The next time the Government of Canada decides to subsidize a take over, I am certain that David Wilks will be the first to volunteer to tell workers and others dependent on the existing situation that they will have no security, compensation or help! What do you think?

Maybe as an ex RCMP officer, he was taught to be loyal to his employer and protect them, and now in quest of another government pension, he is conditioned to carry on that tradition rather than to represent the people to the government.

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